The Language Workshop can offer you extra help if you have been diagnosed with a learning disability such as dyslexia.

We offer individual tutorials on:

  • planning and organising your studies
  • understanding instructions and assignments
  • writing texts, from the planning stages to making final revisions
  • using digital study tools

What are the tutorials like?

Our mission is to help you to become a better academic writer, not to edit your finished text. Your tutoring sessions should start before your text is finished. Tutorials are never longer than one hour, so be aware that work on a paper will probably be spread out over many different meetings. You will need to work actively with your text between tutorials. Our tutorials for students with dyslexia work the same way as those for other students, but you are entitled to more of them. Use this link to read more about writing tutorials at the language workshop.

These are some of the things we can help you with:

  • planning and scheduling your writing work
  • text structure and layout
  • looking at your text from a reader’s perspective

Other support

There are other kinds of support available to you. You can get your course literature in the form of an audio book, you can get help taking notes in class, and you can sometimes take your exams under special conditions, such as being given more time. You can find more information about support services on the university’s website under the heading Support for disabilities.

In order to qualify for special support, you will need to have a medical diagnosis of your disorder from a doctor, speech therapist, or other qualified medical professional. You can apply for support through Nais, which is a national system for applications for extra educational assistance. Once you have applied for support through Nais, you can make an appointment with one of the university’s coordinators for students with disabilities: riktatstod@uu.se 

Make good use of the support systems that are in place for you!

How can you get a diagnosis?

If you have difficulty reading and writing and suspect that you may be dyslexic, you can ask to be assessed. The university does not have an assessment service. Contact a health care center or a referral to someone who can assess you for dyslexia. In Sweden, speech therapists are normally certified to conduct these assessments. According to Swedish law, you may contact a health care center in a different region if the queue in your own region is too long.

Study tips

To get the most out of your university education, it is important to develop good study habits.

Study tips

Last modified: 2023-01-10