The Language Workshop for doctoral students

The Language Workshop can give you feedback on your texts and oral presentations.

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The Language Workshop for Doctoral Students

The Language Workshop offers free tutorials in academic writing and oral presentations for all doctoral students at Uppsala University. We provide individual sessions in both Swedish and English. You are welcome to contact us!

Working on a Bigger Project

When working on a dissertation, you are engaged in a project that might be more extensive than what you have been used to from your previous studies and you are likely to encounter new questions about writing. With the tutors at the Language Workshop, you have the opportunity to discuss both the writing process – how to get started and how to plan your work – and questions regarding the text itself. These questions might concern issues like style, context, structure, sentence structure, word choice, grammar, and punctuation, for example.

When booking a tutorial, try to describe as concretely as possible what you would like help with. This will help us plan the tutorial according to your needs. If you find it difficult to put into words what you would like help with, the tutor can read a few pages of your text and give you feedback on those.

The Language Workshop can also arrange lectures and workshops about writing and speaking in academic contexts for groups of doctoral students or for doctoral student societies.

Presenting Your Work

Presenting your work in different contexts is an important part of your doctoral studies. You may, for example, take part in a seminar or a conference and present your research. The Language Workshop offers you an opportunity to practice giving your oral presentation. We can give you feedback on the presentation itself as well as the structure and language.

We Help You Help Yourself

The tutorials offered by the Language Workshop provide participants with an opportunity to develop their language skills. At a tutorial session, you will discuss a section of your text together with the tutor. We never read entire drafts. The purpose of the tutorial is to help you develop the skills needed for your future writing endeavors, both during your studies and in professional life.

The tutors at the Language Workshop offer support with academic language and are not subject tutors. For this reason, we do not give feedback on the content of your text, for example, nor do we offer help with proofreading.  

If You Teach

Many doctoral students teach at their department. The Language Workshop is also a resource for teachers. For example, we are happy to take part in discussions about assignment instructions and how to provide effective writing feedback. For more information about our support for teachers, visit our website at the Staff Portal.

Book a Tutorial or a Lecture

Use our booking form to make an appointment for a tutorial. If you have a short question about language, oral presentations, or writing, you can visit our drop-in service

Lectures and workshops are booked through our booking form.

Find More Information on Our Other Webpages

On our other webpages, you may find information about our tutorials, the extra support we offer to students with dyslexia, as well as how you can learn more, with the help of books, articles and websites. Most of the information provided on these pages are relevant for students on the undergraduate- and master’s levels, as well as doctoral students.

Last modified: 2022-08-25