Staff at the Language Workshop

Contact: Johanna McElwee (English), 
Contact: Kristina Asker (Swedish),

Bookings: Karin Eklund Åhm


Kristina Asker, Stefan Axelson, Alexandra Borg, Charlotta Busing, Johan Hedberg, Annika Hillbom (Campus Gotland), Johanna McElwee (English), Beatrice Isberg, Carin Leibring Svedjedal, Ulla Melander Marttala, Maria Ohlsson, Mirka Perón Flodström, Sarah Schwarz (English), Andreas Thor (Campus Gotland), Sofia Thorén, Linnea Wenell

Lectures and workshops

The Language Workshop offers lectures in subjects such as academic writing, oral presentations, or study skills. Course coordinators, directors of study and student organisations at Uppsala university can make requests for lectures, in English or in Swedish. We also offer workshops for students who are in the process of writing an assignment. To book a lecture or a workshop, please use this booking form.

Please read the guidelines for booking a lecture or workshop, before using the request form.


Visiting address: Engelska parken, Thunbergsv. 3L
Postal address: Box 527, 751 20 UPPSALA
Telephone: 018-471 1288


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