What happens at the tutorial?

When making an appointment for a tutorial, please indicate what you would like help with, what type of assignment you are working on, and what course or programme you are studying. Once your tutorial is booked, you will receive information about the tutorial and contact information to the tutor you will meet.

Before the tutorial

Make sure that you contact your tutor at least 24 hours before your meeting. We need to know well ahead of time what you would like help with in order to prepare the tutorial.

Before your tutorial – consider the following:

  • try to put into words what you would like help with.
  • read the assignment instructions and, if possible, e-mail them in advance to your tutor or bring them to the tutorial.
  • if you have a text you would like feedback on, e-mail the text to your tutor at least 24 hours before the meeting.

The tutorial

The purpose of our tutorials is to help students help themselves. We will select one or more sections from your text that we will discuss together at the meeting. If you would like to focus on a specific section, please let us know this when you send the text. Our focus is on the writing process, structure, and language of the text. We never give feedback on the content of the text. In addition, we never proofread or correct texts.

Literature and links about academic writing

Good to know

Helping students help themselves

The tutorials offered by the Language Workshop provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their academic language skills. We will offer feedback on selected passages of texts and, using the advice given in the tutorial, students are expected to go on working on their texts on their own.

No text yet?

Students are welcome to visit the Language Workshop early in the writing process, before having started writing their texts if they need help getting started or planning their text, for example.

Suggesting other kinds of support

In some cases, we may suggest that students seek other kinds of support. We may offer advice on courses or books that could be useful, for example.

The Language Workshop never takes part in examinations

The Language Workshop never examines or grades texts. This is the responsibility of your university department. Our role is to offer students support in developing their academic language skills.

We can help you with
  • getting started/writer’s block
  • style
  • structure and disposition
  • sentence structure
Last modified: 2021-05-05