Tutorials about oral presentations

Do you need to give a talk as part of your academic coursework? The Language Workshop can help you with your presentation and give you advice on how to prepare for it, whether it is a short presentation during a course, a final presentation of a Master's thesis, or a conference paper.

Preparing for an oral presentation

Some of the things we can help you with when you are preparing an oral presentation are:

  • general advice about oral presentations
  • how to structure a presentation 
  • to listen when you give your presentation and give you feedback on your performance and the structure of your speech
  • some advice on how to handle speech anxiety 

Speech anxiety

Many students are anxious about public speaking. Some students may not have had many opportunities to practice speaking in front of a group. There is help available. The Student Health Services present some general advice on their website and it is also possible to contact them for more advice.

Develop your oral presentation skills further

Course in oral presentations offered by the Language Workshop for international students

Last modified: 2021-06-18